July 21, 2022

‍Considering chair-side AI? Here’s why a concurrent read is critical

Achieving faster, more accurate results with no additional effort on the dentist’s part.

As more dental artificial intelligence (AI) solutions hit the market, even the most informed and best-prepared Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) and dental practitioners can be confused by all the noise. You know that AI solutions for dentistry enhance and automate repetitive or burdensome tasks, allowing you and your team to return your focus to providing the highest standard of care, but what characteristics matter most? How can you invest smartly and realize gains as quickly as possible? 

To start with, in order to take full advantage of your new AI tools, it’s crucial to choose a solution that fits seamlessly into your team's workflow. After all, every minute counts when you have a patient in your chair. You need a system that is as easy to use as it is accurate. Systems requiring you to change processes can add unnecessary complexity without adding value. Additionally, having a strong implementation strategy, proper training and dedicated support to ensure a successful deployment should be table stakes (but, too often, aren’t!).

Concurrent VS secondary read

Videa Assist has proven in rigorous clinical studies that it increases disease detection by 31% and reduces the number of missed cavities by 43% without increasing false positives. (Learn more about the ethics and accuracy of our AI) A joint study with VideaHealth partner Heartland Dental revealed similar findings. These stats are at the top of the market; there is no disputing the accuracy of Videa Assist. But, here is where things get interesting. 

Designed to eliminate unnecessary complexity, our solution seamlessly integrates with leading dental practice management systems. And because our AI solutions are FDA-cleared for concurrent X-ray analysis, we speed diagnostic analysis and charting without drawing out workflows. There are no extra steps involved with a true concurrent read. With Videa Assist, dentists can make treatment decisions while the patient is sitting in the chair, on the spot, as they review X-rays. This means faster, more accurate results with no additional effort on the dentist’s part. There are no delays, no process changes, and no increase in patient wait times. The image below shows the simplicity of the concurrent versus secondary read protocols.

As one can imagine, a true concurrent read is so easy to integrate into existing processes and procedures that dentists adopt the platform uniformly and begin experiencing gains with accelerated treatment planning and charting. And for DSOs, when our technology is implemented at scale across multiple practice locations, gains become exponential. This is especially when also factoring in our average 26% increase in case acceptance rates.  

Increasing efficiency and elevating the standard of dental care with AI

Our lightning-fast chair-side AI tool empowers dentists with the most accurate and explainable insights and gives patients the peace of mind of an unbiased diagnosis. AI-enhanced dentistry with VideaHealth means more precise diagnoses and treatment recommendations, fewer errors, more effective preventative care and lower patient costs. Videa Assist offers huge ROI across both operational and clinical functions as it paves the way for better patient retention and dentist satisfaction.

When you partner with VideaHealth, our customer success team will guide you through a frictionless learning and adoption process so you can optimize chair-side time and begin experiencing new efficiency gains as quickly as possible. Our detailed plan helps ensure you will hit all the necessary benchmarks as your team leverages your new technology and focuses on compassionate patient care.

Ready to move into a new phase of improved diagnostics and unparalleled patient trust and outcomes? With the right technology and a systematic change management approach to rolling out your AI dental assisting platform, you can maximize your investment and set your company apart from others. Contact VideaHealth today to schedule a demo. 

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