November 22, 2022

TED Talk: AI + Dentistry - Eradicating the Dental Divide with AI

VideaHealth Founder and CEO Florian Hillen on how the company is revolutionizing dentistry through AI at recent TEDxBoston event.

TEDx, a program born out of TED’s original mission to uncover and amplify “ideas worth spreading,” brings together live speakers with local communities across the globe to share their latest research and inspire discussion. 

At this year’s independently organized TEDxBoston event, VideaHealth Founder and CEO Florian Hillen had the opportunity to present a TED Talk, sharing his vision along with the company’s origin story and mission. 

The audience gained insight into Florian’s entrepreneurial beginnings, as well as how VideaHealth’s chair-side platform is working to transform patient health through the use of artificial intelligence, ushering in a new age of preventative care and closing the gap between medical and dental care. 

Watch Florian’s full Ted Talk presentation and learn more about TEDxBoston here.

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